3 Ways How to Whitewash Furniture

White Washed Oak Bedroom Furniture

Do you want to renovate the furniture of your home without making big expenses? Whitening furniture is easy and economical, and it is not necessary to be a professional to carry out this process. But, how to whitewash furniture? They are 3 ways to whiten furniture. First, with wood bleach. It is an acid that burns wood and changes its color to white. You will need a brush, industrial gloves, a mask and a container to prepare the bleach. Spread the bleach on the wood avoiding touching the product with your hands.

Wait for the bleach to dry and apply another two layers following the same process. During doing how to whitewash furniture, protect yourself at all times with the mask to avoid getting intoxicated. Second, with caustic soda. As with the bleach we will need a brush, industrial gloves, a mask and a container. Mix 80% water and 20% caustic soda. Wait a few minutes for the soda to dissolve and stir a bit with the brush, always using the mask. Apply the soda on the wood and wait for it to dry, with three layers will be enough.

Third, with bleach. This product is less abrasive than the previous ones. Even so we must take certain precautions because it also has a very strong odor. It is the simplest method but not the most effective since it only whitens the wood by 70%. For how to whitewash furniture with bleach, we will need a brush and a container. In this case it is preferable not to mix the bleach with water. Apply on wood 4 or 5 passes, leaving a drying time between layer and layer.

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