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Best Organic Pool

The organic pool is a good option for people worried about not being in contact with chemical and toxic products. Its operation is based on the filtering capacity of different types of plants and gravel and sand filters. These pools, reminiscent of the ponds where we bathed as children surrounded by frogs and fish. Today seduce people who bet on a more natural way of life.

There are many organic pool systems, all based on the mechanism by which aquatic plants accelerate the growth of beneficial microorganisms that eliminate bacteria. And also keep the natural pool clean enough to meet stringent water quality criteria in Europe. Sunlight heats the water in the area called regeneration. And also the hot water gradually filters into the area where it swims, two meters deep. The whole process is based on the principles of regeneration that water has in a natural course where we can find waterfalls, riparian filter plants.

Each organic pool is a world, so when planning it is very important to carry out a detailed study of the conditions of the place. Especially the climatologist ones, the type of filtration. The aquatic purifying and oxygenating plants that must be installed and if it is convenient or not. Then, place fish and frogs in the purification zone.

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