Bendpak Car Lift Ideas

Bendpak car lift – The design is as follows: a feather of a cantilever frame that rotates on a vertical axis, on which a carriage is mounted with the possibility of longitudinal movement. In the car with bolts secured cargo winch. The shaft is welded to the base, the steel plate is rigidly bolted to the roof part. The arrow is made in steel corners, a glass, and a strut. In the glass, the bronze bushing is pressed like a sliding bearing.

The manual winch is the main part of the bendpak car lift in the garage. It is advisable to buy the finished product. It is possible to make a rack crane with improvised means. Two ends on the side walls of the garage.  The steel corners are fixed at a certain height. On the corner shelves is attached a steel plate with a worm reducer, which is not connected. The relative mobility of the plate allows you to adjust its location on the vehicle’s engine. The reducer is capable of moving large loads.

The asterisk is placed and connected to the axis of the worm with a key. An asterisk of smaller diameter is also placed on the output shaft of the reducer and is coupled with a key. A chain is pushed freely over it in the cogwheel. How to operate the bendpak car lift in the garage. For example, for a motor car own hands.   The loops are attached, the ends of which are pounced on the hook. Then, the shaft of the gearbox rotates and the power plant of the car rises.

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