Choosing Ideal Reclining Sofa Slipcover

Sure Fit Recliner Pet Cover

Sometimes we have received an email asking us how to make reclining sofa slipcover. And the truth is that although there are some standard cases in the market, they do not fit too well. This is logical because there are many different sofa structures and it is difficult for the covers to fit well. So that there is a good fit, it should be done to the exact size of each specific sofa, and this is quite complicated.

For this, today we are going to share with you an idea that I have loved. They are very easy to make reclining sofa slipcover, although they carry a specific piece to measure. One is the central body, which has the width of the sofa sitting (i.e. the size of the area where you sit), and the length is the sum of the following dimensions.

The height of reclining sofa slipcover, plus the bottom of the same, plus the height of backrest, plus the measure that we want it to fall backwards. Cut the piece a little larger so that it allows you to catch the hems. Another is the sum of two dimensions: The height from the seat to the arm, plus the measurement of the lateral fall on the arm. Measure this piece well, and in the area of ​​the side fall, make several pockets to fit everything you need.

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