Cool and Cute Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girl

Stylish Cute Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girl

Your cute bedroom ideas for teenage girl are a place to express your individuality. But you cannot just let go of them to design their bedroom space despite their youthful enthusiasm. After all, their rooms are still part of your home. To help in makeover should be prepared with cool bedroom ideas for teenage girls who can be used as a guide to decorate their room in a way that works for both of you.

Bold stripes used in the bedroom are relatively new design cute bedroom ideas for teenage girl decor. However, you may not want her bedroom room look like a prison cell. Try to put the cool factor with stripes by painting her bedroom wall with wide stripes that use closely related shades of the same color family. Stripes can be horizontal or vertical. Vertically painted stripes on each wall give the same effect as background. Horizontal stripes are most attractive when they painted in one or two bands around the room.

Cool and cute bedroom ideas for teenage girl design. To balance wall stripes choose solid coordination colors for bedding, drapes and carpets. Repeat stripes theme in pillows with coordinating colors of stripes of varying sizes. A black metal bed with vertical stitches in its head and footstool may be an option. Instead of bedside tables, slim towering bookshelves on either side of the bed can accommodate ministerial installations, CDs and school books.

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