Costco Bed Frame Design

Costco Bed Frame Ideas

Costco bed frame is popular in homes with modern decor due to their straight lines and simplistic design. The benefit of building your own platform bed structure is that you can customize the functions. Most frames are composed exclusively of the base, but you can add a headboard or foot board.

Determine the size of the mattress you want to use for the Costco bed frame. Select the wooden slats for the sides that are a couple of inches longer than each side of the bed. This technique will allow the bed to rest comfortably within the outer limits. After you have determined the size of the frame, choose strips to fill the interior. Each one has to be the exact distance from the inside of one of the sides of the frame inside the corresponding side. Choose enough tables to allow approximately 2 inches between each lath.

If you want to add a headboard or foot board, determine the measure of the width of each by using the width of the sections of the head and foot of the Costco bed frame. You can choose any height for each feature, but the depth should not be greater than a pair of wooden planks stacked together.

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