Creating a Harmonious and Warm Space with Thomasville Rugs

Good Thomasville Rugs

Do the legs of the sofa have to step on the carpet? Where should we mark the beginning and the end of the textile? The solution is to create a visual rectangle with the thomasville rugs, giving continuity to the silhouette of the sofa. A carpet can change the spatial feel of a room. In this room, of narrow dimensions, placing the carpet in front of the sofa allows to limit the living, creating a harmonious and warm set.

After the house corridor, the entrance is the most popular place to put a corridor rug. In this open hall, a square thomasville rugs would have fitted well, but it has been preferred to highlight the shoehorn on the left and mark the passage to the open room with a narrow carpet.

In the cooking zone it is advisable to use thomasville rugs, to protect the floor from splashes. Hallway carpets will be the perfect solution in elongated kitchens. We recommend using fire-retardant and washable models, which will avoid problems with fire and water. Passage areas, big forgotten, can give a lot of game decorated with intelligence. A corridor rug, for example, will bring warmth and a touch of color to a space difficult to decorate.

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