Decorate a House with Rug over Carpet

Awesome Rug over Carpet

Add rug over carpet from your home to take out the theme and colors of a boardroom, visually connect two or more rooms, identify the different groupings or add to the overall comfort of your home. The rugs you choose should complement the room in which you plan to use them in, or serve as inspiration for the decoration of the room. Although carpets are usually a late occurrence, they can add a lot to your home, both on the floor and in other places.

Select a rug over carpet, which is visually attractive in the room you are going to place it. This includes choosing a color or pattern that complements your furniture and choosing the right size. The longest side of your carpet should be at least 2 feet shorter than the shorter length of the room.

Place the rug over carpet motifs so the furniture in a visually appealing way. Living room furniture can be totally connected, completely or a third of the way on the carpet. Your room could include runners on each side of the bed, the foot of the bed or protruding from the bottom of a third of the bed to cover all three areas. A carpet in the dining room should extend at least 18 inches beyond the table in each direction so the chairs are completely on the carpet when people are sitting on them.

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