Design of Modern Master Bedroom Ideas

Stylish Modern Master Bedroom Ideas

When you create your perfect modern master bedroom ideas, take into account your wall treatment. Choose a wall treatment for your bedroom that complements your decor and style. Choose colors to express the mood you want to create for your bedroom. Wall treatments vary in complexity and it is involved in completing project time.

Sponge painting incorporates two or more colors used for your wall using a sponge specially designed for this application. When you try to imagine how this technique looks, think about marble just without the grape lines. If you want a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom, paint your wall a tan and then sponge on brown and brownish paint. Perhaps you already love your bedroom walls, but you want details added. Stencil a frame around your bedroom. Buy a stencil at your local hobby shop or retailer and apply it to the walls. Stencils come in a variety of possibilities. You might want to stencil a basic heart around the modern master bedroom ideas walls or a more complicated design.

Color wash your walls can add intrigue. You do not have to paint the walls in your modern master bedroom ideas another color. Buy your desired color of paint that will appear on your walls with the current color. To color wash, mix water with your paint and use a cloth to gently apply a light base of color. You can color wash areas only behind wall decorations, if you do not want to color wash your entire bedroom walls, but would like to highlight certain areas.

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