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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing a space to create a positive flow of energy, or “chi”. In feng shui, the entrance way ideas to a building is called “mun chi” because that’s where the energy flows in and out. Stairs have a significant impact on the flow of chi; steep stairs leading to the entrance of your home can have a negative impact by causing chi to flow in the wrong direction – away from your home. But there are many ways to counteract this.


Indoors, place a decorative screen between the stairs and the entrance way ideas is a common cure to prevent chi rushing the floor. It works on the same outdoors, so place a small screen or gate at the top of the stairs to prevent chi from rushing down the stairs every time you open the front door. Alternatively, hang a crystal in between the top of the stairs and the front door to slow down the flow of chi. placing potted plants and hanging decorative outdoor wall panels and plaques along the steps is another way to slow down chi flowing out of your home.


The entrance way ideas lead to your home and your porch is the first glimpse of the outside you get every morning. Therefore, it is important to create a nice area with as much thought as the interior of your home. In China, front doors are often red-painted to symbolize happiness. Give your door a new layer of paint and make sure to sweep off dead leaves and dust from the veranda and staircase. Place a trip feng shui symbol as nine coins on a red ribbon in a welcome carpet to encourage wealth and prosperity to enter the home.

When a staircase is pointing straight to the front door, it creates what is known in feng shui as “poison arrows.” Poison picks fast-moving streams of energy fired against a property from sharp angles, bringing unlucky and unfortunate accidents. By placing the Bagua mirror opposite the stairs, poison arrows are reflected away from your home. Wind game encourages the flow of positive chi and cure negative chi, so placing one at the bottom of the stairs encourages chi to rise up the stairs and into your home. Outdoor wind games are generally much larger than those intended for indoor use. Use metal windshield if your front door is north, west or northwest. Use wood or bamboo if the door is south, east or southeast. The dishes of porcelain or clay should be used for doors facing south-east, southwest, northeast and east.

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