Entryway Coat Rack and Storage Bench Ideas

Entryway Coat Rack and Storage Bench Contemporary

Properly adjusted entryway coat rack and storage bench near a busy parking lot is your best defense against junk that can infiltrate any other room in the house. Using prefabricated storage “tower” and shoe storage available at many construction stores set your wall storage with a place for all the different items coming in through the door, from shoes and winter clothes to packaging and sporting goods. Place different sections within the wall storage system to earn exactly the people most use the space so that children can easily reach their gloves and jackets, and adults just know where their keys and scarves can be found.


Paint MDF gloss enamel white to match white organizers and entryway coat rack and storage bench. Place the MDF on top of the shoe store and drill 1/8 inch steering holes up through the underside of each organizer’s top. Drill four holes in each organizer. Screw the MDF seat to the top of the organizers by driving the # 10 x 1-inch flathead wood screw up through the tops of the MDF. Shoot Cubby Divider in the slots in the organizers to complete the bench.


Place the entryway coat rack and storage bench in place against the wall and make sure that the front is facing away from the wall. Check the level with a 4-foot water pass and shims under the bench needed to level it. Position a shelf tower on either side of the shoe organizer bench. Check the tower for level and level, adjust the level feet required. Place the L brackets on the top and bottom of the towers, and mark the mounting holes on the wall and inner surfaces of each tower. Drill ΒΌ inch steering holes at wall marks and 1/16 steering holes at the marks on the tower side panels. Screw the L-fasteners into place on the wall and tower, using the supplied screws. Use a 30-pound wall anchor if the bracket is not on top of a pin.

Mark the center point on the wall between the inner edges of the shelf tower, on top. Use a water pass to draw a reference line in line with the top of the towers. Measure and mark the center of the hook Kennan. Place the hook rail on the wall with the top after the level line, and center on the center mark. Select screw positions on the wall through the mounting holes in the rail. Drill 3/32 inch screw holes or larger pilot holes for wall anchors as needed. Screw the hook Kennan into place with the supplied screws. Mount the entryway coat rack and storage bench in the tower according to what you store and how you want the shelves configured. Use the supplied shelf hangers. Put trash cans or drawers-and a pad to the bench-as desired, to complete the storage system.

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