Redecorate Hallway with Entryway Lockers with Bench

Entryway Lockers with Bench Plans

Entryway Lockers with Bench – Welcome those who come to your house with a design. That includes a mirror, coat racks and storage space. With a bench and a showy fabric, you can do it. The entrance of the house or that place where we leave the bag. I put irony because it is one of those areas that we pay less attention to our house. When it is precisely the one that gives us WELCOME TO OUR HOME. Sometimes the size of the entrance is quite small or nonexistent, something that makes the subject quite difficult. This is not exclusive to small houses also in some medium size the hall is obvious in its construction. With a little imagination you can take advantage of space. The minimum requirements for a lobby / hall or lobby would be.

The entrance hall can also be discreet and simple, but well presented. This room is decorated in white and gray universal tasteful. In this project, we opted for the practical. Right at the front door there is an entryway lockers with bench, later visitors will find hangers for clothes, and a comfortable bench where they can sit and put their shoes on. The bank is also a cabinet of these. The delicate carpet lying on the floor helps guests and family members not to walk barefoot on the cold tiles. The use of flowers in the room gives a warm touch.

At the back of the room you can see at first glance the dark blue door of entryway lockers with bench. Although it is not in the foreground, its remarkable color captures the look. The use of different colors clearly is a good way to diversify the interior and highlight each element. The room is also equipped with a bench to put on or take off your shoes, and your floor is covered with decorative tiles. This is a practical solution for the corridor, as the tiles do not deteriorate or become streaked over time. The hall is covered with a color that covers the rest of the house.

In the event that our hall is not a closed room, and has a single wall that extends to the living room or dining room, you may want to design it as the one in the photo. Keep in mind that in the case of an open hallway, those who enter will have the opportunity to admire the interior of the house from the shoe bank or the hanger on the wall. The distribution of this hall is represented by the equipment of a small table to leave the keys and a comfortable entryway lockers with bench that comes with back, which prevents stained walls. Undoubtedly, this is another example of the minimalist style, which is perfectly represented in any interior.

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