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There are huge variations when it comes to building entryway shelf. You can go for complex ladder shelving systems, floating shelves or simpler varied shelves. For a first time wooden shelf maker, a brace shelf is ideal; a wooden shelf for spices in the kitchen, trophies over a mantle are well within reach of beginner wood workers. With a basic design in place, decorative elements such as detailed trim or ornate braces can be set to make your shelf distinct.


Cut plywood into a back wall bracket at 42-by-10 inches, a shelf top at 36-by-10 inches and two triangular console pieces entryway shelf. They should be right angled triangles, with a side of 6 inches, a 9 inches and hypotenuse (opposite the right angle) about 10.8 inches. Cut 2-by-2 work in a button (support) of 32.5 inches. Measure 2 inches down from the top of the 10-inch side of the wall bracket. Draw a line across this point. Center the globe on the underside of the line and glue in place; there should be 2 3/4 inches on each side of the DOB. Place the two triangle brackets on each side of the DOB. The 6-inch side should be on the back bracket and the 9-inch side should protrude at a right angle. Glue the brackets into place. Screw the brackets into place through the back of the wall bracket on the 6-inch side of the triangle.

Use three 2-inch screws in each console. Screw snugly into place through the front of the tab in the wall bracket. Use a 2-inch screw every 5 inches. Place the entryway shelf top over the knob and brackets. It should be about 2 inches above each side. Unscrew the shelf from the bottom to the bottom using 2-inch screws. Make sure that the location of the screws is offset with those already screwed through the button in the wall bracket. Fill visible screw holes with wooden kits and allow drying. Sand shelf then paint or paint as desired. Place the shelf on the wall and screw with 3-inch screws through the upper and lower edges of the wall mount. Place a screw was 7 inches or so. Improve the filler and paint or paint them screw areas.

Tips and warnings

Instead of wood brackets, try decorative brass or iron brackets. entryway shelf look like they’re just “floating” or hanging on the wall with no visible supply – giving plenty of storage space as well as adding a stylish and unique look to any room. You can install your own floating shelves in a few different ways.

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