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Entryway Stool and Bench

Today we want to dedicate the post to one of those elements that are usually present in all the houses. And that are always useful: entryway stool. In order to reach an object too high to be use as an auxiliary seat for an emergency, they are elements of the most aid in any home. However, well chosen, stools can also be a decorative object as well as functional. The stools emerged as a variant of common chairs to serve as seat to tables or high-rise surfaces. From the bar of a bar to a research laboratory. They are characterize by the absence of arms, which makes them more easily manipulable, a somewhat smaller seating surface. But fully functional with respect to seats and armchairs. and  legs that extend parallel to the seat and usually at a higher height,  occupying less space than a conventional chair.

Hence they are a good option if we want to gain space in our houses. There are multiple variants of modern stools in terms of structure, shape and finishes. Which have been develope over the years to expand their possible uses and contexts. Let’s see the main features to take into account to choose the most suitable. Height is one of the factors that most define a entryway stool. Luckily we find different variants that fit the height of our needs. Highs are usually reserve for kitchen islands or breakfast bars; the basses serve both for dining tables and study areas.

There are multiple options of bases and legs to hold the seat of the stools. From the traditional center foot that reminds us of the bar , passing diagonal legs (with or without footrest), three- legged radial  (typical of the Scandinavian style ). Or the new designs of geometric structure of modern esthetics. Although the choice of the base is usually a matter of style. The most common is to collect the entire diameter of the seat or a little more, to provide stability. Especially in the case of high stools.

Originally, stools lacked support. But over the years have been approaching the chair format to find a middle ground between design and ergonomics , creating entryway stool more comfortable design. Either with minimal support to directly from  high back to provide an extra comfort. Obviously they have the disadvantage that cannot be completely stowed under the table or bar . And are aesthetically more cumbersome, but instead one can sit longer hours without getting hurt kidneys

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