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Entryway Storage Bench IKEA White

Entryway Storage Bench IKEA – With them, you can create a seating area in any corner and if you plan them with capacity, you will gain extra storage. They are a versatile and decorative two-in-one. If you also think them with interior area, you can put and empty the storage of the cabinets. Surely among the 5 proposals, we have gathered you will find good ideas for your house.

The passionate readers never have enough room to store all the books they accumulate. On this floor, interior designer Cristina Perez has created a reading corner in the hallway. In order for this area to have more natural light the upper part of the partition is made of glass. If you do not want to propose a custom entryway storage bench IKEA, a good option is a trunk. Made of wood or wicker, it acts as a bench and improvised wardrobe. Since it allows you to keep inside everything you do not want to have in view in the living room. And to make it into a bench, a mattress and cushions of the same tones as the rest of seats.

The Teodora team has taken advantage of the wall that borders the neighboring terrace to plan a custom entryway storage bench IKEA. Lined with wood, matching the wall, it is integrated and very warm. The seat, a shelf barely 10 cm thick, has been dressed with cushions to make it more comfortable. Turning a window into a gazebo is a wise move when you need a secluded corner to read or relax. To make it deserve financing in a piece of furniture, it should cover about 120 cm wide (so that two bodies can sit pleasantly). It will be more practical if the seat of the bench is raised. So you can store inside. For this, it is important that the lid is reinforced and the hinges are resistant.

The modular entryway storage bench IKEA allows you to create pieces. That is adapted to space and your needs. Of course, at a cheaper price than if you make them measure. To get it right, combine modules of different sizes on paper to get the best composition. In this hallway has been created a comfortable area to store and sit together two drawers. The one high (40 x 43 x 143 cm) and one low (120 x 43 x 52 cm). The result is a bespoke bench with the ability to store the floor and on one side. It is best to attach the modules to the wall with an anti-tip device.

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