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Entryway Table Modern – On this occasion, we are going to make a reception table with pallets. With what little by little we are furnishing the housing in the most economical way that can be, and everything done by ourselves. With the satisfaction that generates us. The reception desk with pallets measures 87.5 cms long, 43.5 cms wide and 81.5 cms high. Although these measures you can modify and adjust them to your needs, tastes. And I have decided, following the line of the other furniture that we have made, give it an oak finish. It’s hard to imagine a lobby without a console-style table. They are very practical and occupy very little space.

When choosing a console for the receiver we have to be guide mainly by the decorative style of it. Although we can also choose an entryway table modern in another style if we want to create an eclectic decoration or create an accent to highlight and break the monotony. Our must use all the protective measures necessary to make the reception table with pallets, such as ear protectors, glasses. We will start with a few consoles of rustic style that usually offer us a great capacity of storage because generally they are usually quite big. We are going to change of style and we will review a few consoles and tables off the lobby of contemporary style.

There are simple ones like this one and others much more sophisticated. Usually, the consoles have a low shelf but we can find some that do not have it. In this case, we can place underneath a stool and some storage accessory. It is the case of this elegant glass-covered console that is ideal for an elegant feminine atmosphere. Although small this entryway table modern has just enough to fill any small space decorated in modern style. We begin the work by cutting the base of the receiving table. For this, we can use a wood in dm.

Next, we cut the strips of wood of 6 x 6 cms, to a length of 77.5 cms and that will make the function of entryway table modern legs. In addition, we cut the wood of pallets to 39.5 cms and that will be the cover of the same one. We sand all the wood with a sandpaper of medium grain, to finish passing a sandpaper of fine grain. In my case, the wood of pallets I have brushed previously. And we already have enough wood cut to begin to mount the receiving table. We still need more wood to cut but at the moment we have enough to go to work.

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