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Entryway wall organizer – We have talked a few times about how to solve decoration of small reception rooms but when hall is a large and ungraceful space, a corridor with a lot of wall surface or a stairway, also has its intringulis. Today I show you some ideas that have seemed original, and above all very personal. Since hall is usually like “picture” of people who live in house, take a little risk this time and let fly our decorative desires more hidden. In this wall that delimits stairs, it was very difficult at first to place a piece of furniture that fit.

But a very special piece was sought, a console of almost sculptural design with 8 legs. Yes they are 8, that is hide by perspective of photo. Made in wrought iron and decorated with very special pieces. Also objects of marked silhouettes and playing with natural tones of mud, wood and fiber. Old tall hanger stands today quite hamstrings, but same idea with a renewed design has warm and welcoming presence that used to be one of its qualities. In addition to its versatility: storage of clothes, umbrellas, shoes, etc. In an inhospitable hall you will look very good, even idea of placing two together seems great and very modern.

Does your receiver have meters and meters of entryway wall organizer to fill? Cut so much monotony mural placing a focus of attention in central area. Simple yet attractive furniture, two armchairs upholstered in a very trendy color. Such as blue oil and decorate top of furniture with modern lithographs. And some pieces of earthenware or pottery of an attractive and contrasting design. Wood and wicker is one of most successful combinations in hall. For this autumn, firm Occa Home proposes this rustic console accompanied by details. Such as a vintage chair, a wicker basket for textiles of house. And as a focus of attention a large mirror as a half-point window.

If your lobby is quite spacious, you will have no problem introducing decorative elements of great visual impact. These types of decorations, in addition to breaking with traditional schemes, get attention and bring character to environments. In picture above, large forge clock on console of entrance is center of attention in this entrance. Another way to create visual impact is placement of a large mirror simply support entryway wall organizer. Which can be accompanied by a console of light and clean forms. Thus giving mirror a greater role, giving it an imposing visual effect

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