Fancy Disposable Plates Style

Fancy Disposable Plates Design

Fancy disposable plates – And so the Project dish was born. The original idea: to load for a month with an unbreakable plate so that the daily foods are served in it. In addition, if the plate prevents food from being served in a disposable item, the amount saved should be carried. When discussing it with his friends, the project was nourished by ideas: Write about the food that is served on the plate. Document the preparation of the dishes. Create a logo and print it on the utensil. Add a glass and a spoon. Take it to other countries.

In addition to the work in social networks, a group of collaborators of the electronic magazine will complement the history of the traveling fancy disposable plates with recipes of the foods that are served in it, will offer data on the disposable industry, will talk about how the portions vary between countries and will address other aspects of the culinary cultures that the utensil encounters.

The Plato Project had saved three fancy disposable plates and a glass of unicel, a plastic cup, and a cardboard one. How many will be saved in a year? The sisters believe that there may be few for all who are used in the world; however, they consider that the main objective is to ‘make noise’ every time someone loads the dish with them.

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