Finishing a Fur carpet

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Installing fur carpet in your completed basement gives you a warmer room, a more welcoming feel that encourages family members and guests to spend more time there. It can also complement your decoration scheme, either providing a neutral background or a bright accent. The basement does not make carpet installation easy, however. If you do not do the job properly, you could end up with mold, water damage or other problems. Here’s what you should know about completing your basement with a carpet.

Sealing your concrete can help protect fur carpet in some dungeons. The concrete sealer is a liquid treatment that keeps the moisture from passing through the carpet. This is generally used when underlayment is not feasible due to ceiling height or basement equipment. The concrete sealer reduces the fragility of the basement floor and acts as a water barrier, but will not protect against flooding or damp basements.

If your basement slab does not include a moisture barrier, something common in old homes, you must provide a lower layer that serves as one. Some materials work to keep your fur carpet from wicking moisture from slab. One is a cellulose-based soundboard with a thickness of about 3/4 inch. You can also add polyethylene sheets directly over the concrete, and then cover with 1/2 inch plywood.

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