Foyer Crystal Chandeliers Ideas

Foyer Crystal Chandeliers Glamorous

Decorative foyer crystal chandeliers enhance the appearance of all rooms about its dining room, foyer, living room or bedroom. Chandeliers are just luminaires to create drama and romance in one bedroom. A chandelier that is not too heavy or too ornate will complement most bedroom decorators. Hanging a chandelier above a bed is not too complicated provided you follow the instructions implicitly when disconnecting and wiring.


Inspect the wiring in your bedroom to determine if you need to call a professional electrician to install wiring. Consider the importance of the foyer crystal chandeliers to determine if you need to add structural support to the ceiling to support the luminaire. If the chandelier weighs more than 50 pounds, you need to add extra support. Measure the height of your bedroom to determine the size of the chandelier to hang. Usually in a bedroom with 8-foot high ceilings, a 24-inch long chandelier will work and does not seem too big or too small in the room.

Turn off the power to the circuit that drives the foyer crystal chandeliers in your bedroom. Confirm the circuit is turned off by turning on and off the power switch in the room. Carefully remove the existing luminaire to remove covers. This can be a glass cup for a candle. Remove the electrical box from the ceiling fixture. These boxes generally screw into a metal rod. Install fan stag inside the hole. Lay down over the hole so that it stays flat along the plaster with beams on each end. Typical fan braces fit 16 to 24 inch roof beams. Turn the stag until you find roof beams. Press the stag until the teeth at the end of the stag lock in the roof beams.

Pull the fan with a wrench. Turn the lever with a wrench to ensure the teeth are tight in the joints. Slide the U-bolt over the fan rod and push the electric box over the thread ends of the U-bolt. Secure the box with nuts in each threaded side of the U-bolt with nut drivers. Insert power cables from the ceiling through the hole in the metal cabinet. Adjust the height of the foyer crystal chandeliers by removing chain links before attaching the fixture to the ceiling. You can hang the chandelier above a bed at any height you wish. Keep it high enough, you will not encounter it. Calculate where the top of the head will be when you kneel upright in bed, making sure to count enough clearance to move freely without feeling that the chandelier is threatening you right. A larger chandelier may need to be placed higher than one smaller just to give the feeling of enough space.

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