Installing Foyer Lantern

Foyer Lantern Bedroom

If you like a rustic or outdoor look in your home, you can easily add wall foyer lantern to your home to give accent lighting. Having a lantern indoors does not have to be superior either. Whether you want a spa-like environment in the bathroom or a cozy candle for the guests to enjoy, wall lanterns are subtle and go with many decorating styles.


For those evenings you want to create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom, incorporate a lantern that uses light. Foyer lantern is available in a variety of styles — rustic, contemporary, Asian and even Victorian — go with some type of bathroom furnishings. Whether you hang the ceiling light in a corner to bounce the light from the walls or place a hand held lamp on a shelf, they can provide intimate, subtle illumination or accent lighting to existing fixtures. Because the foyer is the first place for guests to see, a small area of ​​fine light sets turns off with a good impression. Use hand-held foyer lantern on the shelves next to the wall fitting or sharpeners to show them, or leave a lantern from the ceiling to provide gentle light on the walls and floors. If the ceiling is low, a hanging lantern gives light to the surroundings without reducing the appearance of the ceiling height.


If you have a rustic or country kitchen, hanging a foyer lantern over the dining table is suitable for giving light while eating but also adding lighting to the whole room and walls. Use antique lanterns like lamps to be mounted in the wall or place on floating shelves around the kitchen to give accent lighting to the area. If you have elevated ceilings, a large rustic lantern can hang from the ceiling near the walls and accentuate hanging art. For smaller rooms, a delicate lantern hanging can hang close to walls to give subtle light. Hanging lamps can be used in different areas throughout the home, even in foyers, over side tables or dining tables and across the kitchen island. When lighting a kitchen island, consider several factors before hanging light. When hanging a hanging light over an island, measure the height of the island. Islands that have bar-style seating on one side may require the hanging lamps to be hung on a higher altitude. This lighting becomes very hot when turned on. Turn off the lamp and allow it to cool before replacing a light bulb. Only use a 20 watt light bulb or less. Handle the lamp through its base so that stirring the glass leaves an oily residue from the skin, possibly shortening the life of the lamp. Keep combustible objects away from the light.

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