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Foyer Lighting High Ceiling Room

Foyer Lighting High Ceiling – The lighting in decoration corridors and entrances is fundamental. Because they are usually spaces with little natural light. The lack windows and the lack of clarity that can enter. Through the doors of the different rooms are usually the only foci of luminosity that enter from the outside. So it is a priority to provide artificial light to achieve pleasant environments. Good lighting is essential and important in all interior decoration. The ideal and highly valued is to have sunny or bright stays. But even so, the strategic placement of different points of light is a fundamental part of any decoration project.

Those times in which the answers to how to decorate narrow long corridor or decorate narrow and short corridor were the same. Crammed with as many furniture’s as possible and illuminate the entire space with a single foyer lighting high ceiling are already forgotten. In any of these options, we will need to place several points of light to create a visual effect of greater amplitude. And not limit ourselves to the illumination of the ceiling that normally is not enough. Large ceiling lamps are completely inadvisable in decorating small spaces or on low ceilings. Use lantern or lantern-type lamps in narrow. Tall spaces such as hallways and stairs where a lamp near the ceiling does not look or shine.

The minimum height to which a lantern must remain on the ground is 2.2 meters so that people can walk underneath. Place the foyer lighting high ceiling in the center of the narrow direction of the place. If you have a large window close by, position it so that it is center from the outside. A short profile lamp placed in the center of the false ceiling is the most common way to illuminate a room. One of which can produce enough light to illuminate a 4 x 4 m room. If the false ceiling is 2.6 m high. Or a quarter of 5 x 5 m if it is at a height of 3 m. They cover the false ceiling and illuminate consistently.

At present they can be use with foyer lighting high ceiling fluorescent fixtures. That consume little electricity and last for a long time. This type of fixtures have a tubular shape with a bottom like a can. With the socket for the bulb inside and are mounted recessed in the false ceiling and directed vertically. After mounted, only a decorative ring protrudes on the outside of the fake. They use wide-beam reflector bulbs and embrace a circle of greater illumination as we move away from them.

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