Decorating the Foyer Mirror

Foyer Mirror Style

Foyer mirror – Whether your goal is formal and ornate or warm and homely, you can make the most of these areas with a few simple ideas. Decorating a foyer or hallway is an often overlooked home improvement detail. Most people simply do not know what to do with these sometimes awkward rooms. Decoration goes a long way towards collecting your overall decoration theme. It has become modern to decorate rooms with mirrors. Mirrors give room a certain depth while the mirrors are pleasurable. When it comes to decorating mirrors, the possibilities are many. You can choose mirrors with a used look, where the frame is worn and rustic.

Mirrors serve all types of features while helping to enhance a home’s interior design. Install foyer mirror in unexpected places that serve to visually expand or shine area. Mirrors can make an interior magic and dot over it. They serve looking for glass and double the perception they reflect, while adding sparkle to a home. Install a decorative framed mirror in a lobby where you can do a last-minute check before you finish or answer the door. Make it memorable and stand out instead of blends in as a lobby should reflect the whole house’s decor and be a sample of what’s to come.

Extend a narrow room by placing a mirror on one of the long walls to visually double the space. Using a discreet frame will further the illusion. Full length mirrors located at the end of a short time will make room visually extend. Using a frame sized full size mirror of the end wall promotes the illusion. When placed at the end of a hall near the rooms, the mirror cans double a dressing mirror. Add depth to a shallow shelf or wardrobe by adding mirrors to the back of each shelf. The mirror will reflect all the decorative elements placed in front of what doubles their effect.

Hang a mirror just a few inches above a fireplace mantle to tie the look together within the interior design. Mirrors have traditionally hung over fireplaces for a very good reason, it’s already the focal point of the room and adding a mirror adds more drama to the room. Reflect a favorite piece of art by installing a foyer mirror on an adjacent wall to enjoy that piece even more. It leads guests to their presence, even when they cannot see the actual piece of art.

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