Foyer Wall Decor Tips for Different Style

Large Foyer Wall Decor

Foyer Wall Decor – Do not receive your visitors only with beautiful furniture or original decorations, give them a welcome even with the appearance of your walls, remember that a hall, hall, lobby or as you know it, is not complete if you do not pay the same attention to each of its corners. Therefore, in the book of ideas of this day we will give you some ways to remove the walls from anonymity. Colors, decorations, hollows, coatings and other elements combine to give you wonderful results.

Let large stones cover the first foyer wall decor you see. By the orientation of the main door, there is a wall of the hall. That is the first that your visitors admire. There you can install a coating with stones. From the size of medium to large so that the texture captivates looks and stays in the minds of your guests. Even though it is no longer present. You can also split a wall in half and decorate its top. This design has given us a formidable idea, is to annihilate the whole of the wall that is just opposite the entrance and give it a new design; here the pieces of wood do such work.

If you want something that different so the tiles that foyer wall decor cover is a very efficient way. It is very complicated that the walls of the hall go unnoticed, because being a passage area does not have too much furniture to cover them, but with tiles as a coating you can make the view more captivating. You can add some pictures as the touch of art. A wall that not only welcomes you but shows your taste for art, painting, photography, etc., could not be a bad element  in the hall , can it? Niches on the walls, which also shine. Create holes in your walls so you have a kind of shelves to have some ornaments without absorbing dimensions in your hall. If you also light them as you see here you will get a very nice appearance.

A bright stay seems more spacious. If your lobby is small you can follow a few tricks to make it look bigger. The walls in a light color as white or beige, the floor in a light color or if it is dark with some carpet in light color, as you see in the photograph. Series of pictures together to foyer wall decor, which create a sense of spaciousness. Leave the maximum space free in the area of the floor so that it seems clear to us when passing. Especially if the entrance is narrow. In the photograph a wooden shelf fixed to the wall replaces a piece of furniture, the entrance seems larger then.

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