Garden DIY Wood Bench

How To Build A Simple Bench

With a comfortable DIY wood bench, properly positioned, you can enjoy the beauty of nature with comfort and style. There are many styles of garden benches, built of wood, concrete, steel and other materials. However, you can build a very simple garden bench made of impregnated boards and posts. Learn to build basic DIY garden benches made of pressure treated wood.

Cut one of the large 4-inch by 4-inch stalls in two 30-inch lengths with a circular saw. Cut the other post in two 48-inch lengths. Dig two 12-inch deep holes for the front two legs of the DIY wood bench with a pole hole digger. The center of the holes should be 5 feet apart. Dig two corresponding holes 16 inches behind the first two holes to accommodate the hind legs.

DIY wood bench, cut each of the two 2 by 4 boards of 8 feet in length of 72 inches. Cut the remaining pieces to 21 inches long. Place the two shorter entries in the two front holes. Align the posts directly to one another, with the outer edges 72 inches apart. Verify that the posts are plumb with the level and fill with dirt around the posts that hold firmly in place. Place the two already in the two rear holes. Verify that the posts are placed squarely on the two front posts and one with the other.

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