Good Idea French Country Kitchen Decor

French Country Kitchen Decor

French country kitchen decor style will give your kitchen a relaxed atmosphere and appearance. Country style ranges from sophisticated to sweet and simple. Tuscan and French country styles are reminiscent of rolling fields, century-old farmhouses, charming cafes and winding brick paths. Vintage country style covers antique elements and farm-inspired touches. Choose a decorating color palette and theme that covers all or some of these qualities for a fresh style.

Painting the walls of the kitchen a warm and welcoming shade. Choose a shade like honey, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon or paprika to set the background for a design style inspired by the countryside. If you have dark wood furniture and cabinets, choose a lighter shade; a clear wood, like oak, blends well with the richest paintings. Place curtains inspired by the countryside. Choose a lightweight fabric, such as cotton, which will allow diffused sunlight to transmit in your kitchen. Look for country style patterns, such as cheap cotton and paisley. Tobacco-patterned curtains will infuse your French country kitchen decor style. Look for vintage window covers that offer apple or cherry lovely designs.

Decorate with fresh farm elements. Fill a vintage glass vase with freshly cut daisies as a vibrant centerpiece. Terracotta display plant pots filled with culinary herbs, such as thyme and rosemary on your counter. Wrap vivid green vines on top of an old baker’s shelf. Hang a plant above the sink for French country kitchen decor.

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