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Grand Entrances – One way to decorate your grand entrances is to fill it with nature and allow beautiful flowers and smells to greet your guests and especially yourself every day when you get home. Garden. There is a huge variety of materials, sizes, and formats that allow you to choose the option that most match your home. They say that the first impression is the one that counts, and that is why it is very important that the entrance to our house is also the letter of introduction for our guests. The idea is that just by seeing the entrance we get an idea of the decorative development of the homeowner.

Many times we worry about the interior decoration of the home and neglect the outside, which is a serious mistake. The grand entrances should be an extension, a part more of our house, as important as the rest. The porches are the most: they can absolutely change our entrance and are fantastic elements to decorate the big. If we get a nice decoration on the porch, without a doubt it will add great value to our home. The aluminum, wood or PVC porches offer a spectacular place to enjoy shelter from rainy days, but also from the warmth and comfort. Some tips to beautify any porch: to place hanging plants (like helechos), to use nice furniture (chairs and tables of wood or glass), and cushions and candles of all type and size.

If we have the chance and the money to build a few steps in the grand entrances, it is also a good option to beautify our home. Of course, this construction can be uncomfortable for many. People with some kind of disability, for example, will find it a serious drawback. In that case, we could build a ramp, but then the budget would shoot us. In this case, you would have to look at each particular case and weigh the benefits and the damages. From what there is no doubt is that the steps give great personality to the architecture of our house.

This combination with the appropriate finishes, choosing quality materials and paying attention to the lighting will look perfect in each grand entrances. If you place the planters in simple and uniform geometric shapes you will get a modern result with a minimalist trend, as you can see in the picture the planters have been decorated with only two trees (of the same species) and with medium height grass in the planter from the bottom.

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