Granite Price per Square Foot

Average Cost Granite Countertops

If you are deciding on the finished bar your kitchen or bathroom closet is either new or remodeled, granite can be an attractive and practical option if it suits your budget. The granite price per square foot varies widely. But usually ranges from US $ 45 to US $ 100 per square foot (930 square centimeters) from the date of this publication. To estimate the costs at home, consider a number of factors.

Granite distributors often align their granite at three levels: A, B and C. Classification depend solely on the popularity of granite colors at the time. If you want to reduce the cost of your new countertop, choose a granite color from level B or C. But only if it is a color that you like and would be happy with for years to come. Shopping around can help you locate discounted granite that you can sell for as little granite price per square foot is $ 30.

Most distributors will offer a granite budget that includes installation. If you can find a wholesale or discount distributor, you can reduce granite price per square foot by finding a cheaper installer. However, ensure that your installer is qualified to perform the installation before spending money on a granite slab that becomes unusable due to a bad installation.

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