Hallway Coat Rack Ideas

Hallway Coat Rack Design

Hallway coat rack – The first guests notice when entering your home is the entrance hall or the foyer. This small area serves as the main entrance to your home and is also the place where your kids dump their school bags, leave behind work papers and everyone takes off their shoes and jackets. Coat stand entryway ideas give the place a more organized and clean look. Making a coat rack is perhaps one of the simplest home decor projects you can try. Most coat stands can be made using a single piece of wood for a base and a variety of items like hanging your belongings.

A large antique hallway coat rack gives you plenty of space for storage and provides extra seating. Look for the larger pieces that have bench seating and storage space below. Use hidden storage for out-of-season boots and jackets. The top of the stand contains metal hooks to hang jackets, jackets and hats. The pieces also contain a long shelf on the top for viewing collections and decorative pieces. Use the extra space to decorate for holidays. In Christmas, a Christmas village on the top or some of your favorite Christmas decorations from previous years shows. Change decorations when the seasons change.

Clothes hats don’t have to be a stationary object in the middle of your port. Instead of picking a wooden piece, use single racks hung on the wall. House Beautiful suggests using antlers of different sizes and displaying them as a coat and hat rack. If you can not find antlers, use metal racks of different sizes and shapes. Use a large stand on the center of the screen and hang it close to the ceiling to show a single piece. Place two hooks, placing a hook on either side of a larger, but slightly lower on the wall. Keep laying more hooks, making each set a little lower, to make a staircase step effect.

A simple hallway coat rack is sometimes the best choice, especially if you have a small space or home lacks a designated port room. Some homes open directly into a living room or hallway that leads into the house, which does not? Do not give you much space. Place a single coat rack next to the door, but in a classic style that matches the rest of your house, such as curved stainless steel or carved mahogany. Add a small area blanket and matching umbrella stand nearby. These pieces work with your style, but can easily be changed if you decide to pop up later.

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