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Hallway furniture – The corridor is that place of the house that we usually put less interest. Since it is a space of passage, in which we were not more than a few minutes to remove the coat, leave the keys or take off. However, it is the letter of introduction of the home. The first thing we see both the guests and ourselves. That space that will welcome us each evening when returning and will say goodbye when we go out. For that reason, its decoration should be as careful as if it were another room.

Being practical in the design, distribution and decoration of our house includes knowing how to take advantage of the possibilities offered by corridors, entrances or corridors. It is a suitable place to store all those things that would annoy us in other rooms. So today we are going to do a tour on some furniture alternatives that are specific to corridors that will surely achieve two basic goals: to help you have your house more clear and organized and give the sophisticated look to your hallway you deserve.

Before you continue, you should know the possibilities offered by your hallway furniture. We will not choose the same type of furniture if it is a narrow corridor that if something is wider, like an entrance. The narrow spaces require furniture that is not bulky, tall and without much width, taking advantage of the verticality of the space. The last thing we want in this type of aisles is a big piece of furniture that obstructs us, which saturates the hallway, prevents us from passing and gives us a feeling of annoyance or “drowning” as we get home. Therefore, for narrow aisles we choose minimalist furniture, which is not overloaded, simple, narrow and tall, with light colors to make the space appear longer and, if possible, allow us to store objects like umbrellas or shoes.

White hallway furniture made of maple wood is a great alternative for this type of narrow aisles. It takes advantage of the verticality of the wall, resulting in a piece of furniture that will “rob” us a little space, besides that it is a piece that offers us a little of everything. Chest of drawers to leave some objects, like caps and keys in sight; two drawers that, although they are not very deep, allow storing a lot of things; for example, shoes; a mirror that is always very useful in the corridors to check that our appearance is exactly what we want and a coat section to place the jackets or coats as soon as we get home.

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