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Hallway pictures – When decorating our home, we usually think of how to decorate a living room, the dining room, the master bedroom, the child ‘s bedroom … even the bathroom. But who cares about the hallways. We will explain some tips so you know how to decorate the hallway. It is very common that the corridors and receivers do not have natural light. So when decorating you will have to ensure that the color of the walls and the decorative elements are clear and neutral to reflect the maximum light they receive. Also, when lighting the corridor. Then, you can install general lighting and place different points of light in certain places, such as on a painting or some other object of decoration. You can see more here on how to choose the type of lighting.

In hallways and corridors it is recommended to place decoration objects and furniture hallway pictures that occupy little space, to avoid that the space seems smaller than it already is. Also, when decorating the aisle, we recommend that you put functional furniture such as shoemakers, furniture to leave or hang the keys, hangers. Do not place objects near the hallway doors, as we can strike them when opening or closing and, in addition, will generate a feeling of overwhelm. In the hall, you can place mirrors to generate a sense of spaciousness and, at the same time, will serve to retouch before leaving home. It may also be a good idea to place a rug along the hallway, which will bring a touch of warmth to our home.

In this case, it will be necessary to carry out a correct cleaning of the carpets to avoid, for example, the proliferation of mites. Discover here how to clean a carpet. You must decorate the corridor according to the rest of your home decor, following the same style to maintain consistency throughout the house. Many times the corridors seem smaller than they are because they are dark places that do not reach natural light and are usually poorly lit. Well, focus your efforts at this point and start by choosing light and bright colors to paint a narrow aisle. Light tones create the illusion of greater space. You can decant for white, an infallible color, but you can also try other equally luminous ideas like blue, yellow or green, always in their lighter versions and hallway pictures wall art.

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