How 8×8 Garage Door Work

8×8 garage door are available in four common types, and each one works a little differently. But whatever the door you choose, they all perform a main function: so you and your vehicle enter your garage. Three of these types of doors open upwards, and one opens laterally. The doors that are opened upwards are called up-and-over, section and rolling gates. The door that is laterally opened is called a swing-hung door. If you are a do-it-yourself, you can install these doors on your own, but you will need the help of a strong friend, because some of them are very heavy.

How Doors Work

8×8 garage door require a lot of space in front of the garage. The door pivots straight out and then runs along a track into the top of the garage. This is a disadvantage for homeowners who do not have a very long drive. But if you are looking for a good and safe door, this should be at the top of the list. You can install one section at a time, making the door much easier.

You can also buy them already assembled. 8×8 garage door slides a groove running from the floor to a rounded corner at the top, and then proceeds into the top of the garage. Because the door is in sections, there is no reason for getting out in front of the garage; you can open the door manually or with an automatic opener. Rolling gates were made to occupy minimal space in the garage when it opened, and no space on the outside. These doors roll up in a drum at the top of the garage opening. They are often made of thin aluminum strips so they can bend and roll together.

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