How to Build a Coffee Table That Feel Japanese

Modern Coffee Table Plans

Japanese style requires a Japanese coffee table. However, cutting down a traditional dining table just shorter. How to build a coffee table that feel Japanese? So, build a low table base and a top that’s bigger than the base that makes it more comfortable to sit on the floor. Teakwood or other types of timber can be used. For the instruction, starting with put the four pieces of 1 x 8 inch timber on a worktop and cut them to the length required for your design.

Measure from the ends of two of them and make marks 3/8 inches from the ends. Make marks 1 inch from the long edges. Wear a pilot hole on the marks with a 1/16 inch drill bit. Drill underscores holes on top of the pilot holes with a submerged drill bit. No drilling undergoes holes deeper than 3/8 inches. Apply glue to the ends of the two pieces without pilot holes. Lay them between wood with pilot holes and secure them through the pilot holes with 1¼ inch drywall screws. This is the framework for the instruction of how to build a coffee table that feels Japanese.

Run it a pearl of glue around the edge of the edge of the frame. Cut ¾ inch plywood so it is larger than the bottom of the table, but less than the desired size of the top. Attach it to the base with 6 finish nails. Cut the four pieces of 2 x 12 inch slats to the length of your design – consider a height that is comfortable. Set the table frame on top of the timber and center it. Secure the frame to 2 x 12 inch lumber top with 1¾ inch drywall screws. And the instruction of how to build a coffee table was done.

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