How to Covered Porch Ideas

Covered Back Porch Ideas

Covered porch ideas – Decorate your covered porch with a lighthouse theme to get a bit of sun, sand and surf to your coatless dwelling. Channel your inner seaman to combine key accent pieces with strategic color choices for a space that is as comfortable as it’s full of style. Then, as the sun sets, relax as your newly decorated back porch becomes a guiding star that shines at night.

Surprise your Sail

Start covered porch ideas as you would someone else, with a list of what you need to buy, install or create. Find out what you already have on the veranda and what can be expanded to fulfill your new embellishment theme. Take advantage of this project by replacing older exterior fixtures with new models that both reflect the lighthouse theme and are energy efficient. Swap old pendants with cage metal lighthouse pendants or wall lanterns. Replace all recessed luminaires with new flush mount fixtures that match the guy style. A cover covers a rugged sofa and a new layer of paint blows new life into a tired end table.

Get your Sea Legs

Present the guy theme with your covered porch ideas. If you can, create a bold design with wide diagonal stripes of firehouse red and crisp white color. If painting the floor is impossible, fix a red-white striped area mat that is specially designed for indoor and outdoor use. Use your curtain fabric to reinforce your theme, but remember to complete the exterior of the house windows and wall colors. Use a neutral color that reminds of the ocean, such as a light sand tan or dark stone, for curtain colors. Install floor to ceiling window treatments that can be pulled shut to give privacy.

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