How to Decorate a Foyer Corner

How to Decorate a Foyer Classic

A how to decorate a foyer provide a first insight into your home for visitors. Decorate the corner and the remaining spaces do not tax when you decide on the impression you want to give. Choosing the right color colors, furniture and other accessories utilizes this small but functional space in your home. Decorating a corner in the porch adds texture, color and balance to the small room and impresses the guests.


Choose the style you want in the how to decorate a foyer. This does not necessarily match the style of your entire home, but it is best to coordinate it with the style of adjoining rooms you can see from this area. For example, a country-style living room that connects to the foyer requires some old-fashioned elements to provide unity and flow throughout the space. Paint the foyer walls with a color that matches the rooms you see from the stairwell or a shade that is slightly lighter or darker than adjacent rooms. This visual flow causes the eye to move without effort from the foyer corners and other spaces to the adjacent rooms or corridors.

How to decorate a foyer with place a sitting area in the corner nearest the door. This allows a room for family members to remove their boots, gloves and other accessories to stow them in a nearby wardrobe. A comfortable loveseat, a simple wood or a stool, a bench or simply an attractive pallet works well for a small space. Place a small temporary table, small desk, a floor lamp or other equipment close to seating to balance the visual effect. This prevents a lone chair from looking cohesive in space. Install a decorative wall shine to give lighting, a Moroccan, a painting or a picture, a floor lamp or a high plant add height to the corner section. This makes it seem like an integral part of your home, rather than an afterthought.

Hang an attractive mirror in the corner. This is especially important if the foyer is small or the mirror reflects an open door, a decorative niche or other interesting architectural features. It opens the area visually. Invest in a sofa table or other narrow furniture piece to place in the corner if you do not want to seat in this space. This allows you to set candles, framed pictures or other decorations on the desk, creating an attractive display in the area. Place a coordinating area or small mat in front of the corner decor, especially if the space is used as a seating area. This reason the setting and gives space intimacy.

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