How to Estimate Carpet Installation Prices

Normal Carpet Installation Prices

Carpet Installation Prices – Carpet installation requires a few different calculations to arrive at an accurate estimate. Owners and real estate investors who flip homes – purchase, fixing and quickly sell again – could be taken by surprise by the total cost of installing the carpet. The materials are usually low cost separately, but the addition of all the materials, plus the cost of the installation along with the sales tax can make the price jump dramatically. Estimate the installation price of the carpet can be done in a few steps.

First step to estimate the carpet installation prices is measure the square footage of the room (s) is carpeted with a tape measure. For example, in a room of 12 by 14 meters, the square meters would be 168 square feet. Convert square meters to square yards. Carpet is often sold per square yard and 1 square meter equals 9 square feet. Using the example of a room, the square footage would be 168 divided by 9 or 18.67 square meters. Multiply the square footage the price of the carpet. As of 2011, carpet ranged from $ 4 to $ 15 per square yard. A room that is 18.67 square meters would cost $ 74.68 to $ 280.05.

Add the carpet installation prices of the filling. The filling is additional and costs between 50 cents to $ 4.50 a square meter. Using the same example square yards, the fill would cost between $ 9.34 and $ 84.02. Calculate the cost of labor. Install averages of the carpet and fill $ 1 per square meter to absorb and dispose of the old carpet and fill and install the new fill. The installation of the carpet itself is between $ 3.50 and $ 6 per square meter; making the cost of a square room 18.67 gardens from $ 84.02 to $ 130.69. So, the total installation costs would range between $ 168.04 and $ 494.76.

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