How to Lay Bathroom Tile Patterns

Bathroom tile patterns are an attractive, durable and easy to clean choice for bathroom floors. Installing it though, can be a bit intimidating for home improvement beginners. Take it step by step and do not try to stress – is this a weekend or two weekend projects.


Prepare the surface bathroom tile patterns. If the sub floor is wood, you must cover it with cement auxiliary board. Buy the pieces you need to cover the floor, and then nail them properly. If the subfloor is already cement, remove all glue, glue or other materials to make the floor as smooth as possible. If there are serious dips or parts that are very uneven, use a float pack as a coat. Remove any toe or sockets from the walls.

Take your toilet. Cut off the water supply and rinse twice. Use an old towel to remove excess water from the tank. Loosen and remove the nuts holding the screws that come from the tank into the base. Lift the tank straight up and carefully place it in the bathtub or shower. Use towel to remove remaining water in the bowl. Release the bathroom tile patterns that hold the screws that come from the base floor. Rock the bowl back and forth to break the sealed seal. Raise the base straight up and place it carefully in the bathtub. Practice laying out the plate without using glue. Begin in the middle of the room and build a big plus sign stretches out of the point with the plates. Use tile distances to get an idea of ​​how to lay things out and place them evenly.

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