How to Tie the Carpet Remnants Home Depot

Pattern Carpet Remnants Home Depot

Carpet remnants home depot – Room sizes vary, so when you buy carpet and have it installed in your home, you will probably end up with carpet residues. Remnants are left pieces of the carpet that remain when a larger piece of carpet is cut and installed to fit a room in your home. The edges of the carpet are usually worn around the perimeter, so it may seem that the remains have no other use because the edges are ugly.


Cut the mat back to the size you want your carpet remnants home depot to be. Trim all edges and make sure your cuts are straight on all four sides. Then place a side of the carpet edge of the tape. Make sure the end of the tape that you cut is placed in the middle of the carpet edge on one side.

Press down on the carpet remnants home depot and on the tape beneath it. Extend the binding band just passed the carpet corner, and cut through the thin part of the band. But do not cut through the pipes. Overlap the back of the tape on the rear end of the carpet corner. Try to tip the corner with the pipe that remains attached. Continue applying the tape around the entire perimeter of the residue until you get to where you started. Carefully cut the tape to match the other edge of the band that you originally applied. Cut off any power fibers with a scissors.

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