How to Update Vintage Patio Furniture

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Vintage patio furniture often refers to pieces that are at least 20 years old. Old furniture often structurally sounds but desperately needed a makeover. You do not have to throw and replace old furniture to give the room a new look. Renovate vintage furniture is budget-friendly and allows you to customize pieces to reflect your personal decor and design style.


Applying a fresh coat of paint to old furniture gives a real boost. Vintage patio furniture case items, such as kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, buffets and chest of drawers can be painted to complement existing furnishings. Neutral black, brown and beige are perfect for traditional or rustic styles. Bright white and blues give a cabin atmosphere. And grace steel and shiny, jet black improves a modern design. Add a slice of drama to the room by choosing a deep red or injecting a little bit of a turquoise or lavender.


Replacing old knobs handles and hinges on vintage patio furniture refreshes their appearance without breaking the bank. Shiny nickel, chrome or hardware stainless steel complements modern decor. Colorful hardware injects a lively touch to modern style. Ceramics, wood, glass, copper and tin knobs and handles blend well with traditional design. Hammered wrought iron hardware is ideal for rustic or lodge furnishings. Add a touch of sparkle to the cottage style with crystal buds and handles.

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