How to Wash the Bamboo Pillow Costco

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Bamboo Pillow Costco – Pillows come under all kinds of aggression that would make you think about washing them. Spills, pets, children, smells and cooking illnesses are all good reasons to wash pillows or cushions. The pillows can be washed, and if done correctly, they should come out spongy and scented. How they are washed depends on what they are made of.

Remove pillow covers from bamboo pillow Costco. What to do with covers on throw pillows depends on a number of considerations. If the throw pad cover has a removable cover, remove it and clean it separately. If the cover is not removable, you have a couple of options. Unzip a seam until it has an opening large enough to remove the pillow, or you can wash the pillow with the lid on it.

If the bamboo pillow Costco still has its labels, look to see what the pillowcase is made of. Any type of synthetic fabric that should be able to leave on the pillow. Other fabrics such as silk, 100 percent wool or 100 percent cotton would be a bit risky to wash and dry on the pillow. Remove the covers and sew again on the pillow once it is dry.

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