Ideas for Build Free Standing Outdoor Privacy Screens

Outdoor Privacy Screen With Planter

How to build free standing outdoor privacy screens. Many people think they have curious neighbors, whether they do it or not. Privacy screens will come to your rescue. These easy-to-follow steps will allow even the most self-aware person to venture into the unknown of their own backyard by building an outdoor privacy screen. These are the steps.

Ideas for build free standing outdoor privacy screens, decide on what direction privacy needs. Consider creating a privacy screen only around the patio, along the entire perimeter of the backyard, or only in flower boxes scattered throughout the yard. There may be trees blocking many angles and you will not need a privacy screen for the entire backyard. Determine the type of privacy screen you want to build. You can build a privacy screen that have the plants growing on it, install a bamboo fence, install outdoor curtains, place a three-panel standing utility screen, or add a privacy screen to your existing fence.

Purchase pre-assembled wood or vinyl privacy screen from a home improvement store. This is the easiest way to build a free standing outdoor privacy screens. Buy the top panel that measures the height you want the screen from start to finish. Screw the screen onto a pre-existing fence. Buy a lattice section and two pieces of 2×4 wood or two posts. Hammer, screws or staples the network to each 2 x 4.  Go to a gardening store and find a tough vine that grows in your area. A climbing rose will grow in most climates.

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