Ideas for Clean Extra Large Area Rugs

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Extra large area rugs can link design elements into a room, but can be stained or dirty rugs divert attention from a room and make the whole room seem nosed. Most large area rugs do not have to be cleaned frequently. Cleaning a large area rug once a year can prolong its service life and prevent it from getting too dirty or nosed. Spot clean a large area rug as needed in between annual cleansing

Remove all furniture or other items from the entire extra large area rugs. Roll the rug up and vacuum the floor under the carpet. Roll the carpet. Vacuum the top of the rug. Run vacuum over the rug twice, then turn over the rug and vacuum the underside of the rug before turning the rug back on. Roll up the rug and carry it outside to a clean, flat surface like a driveway. Mix water and a few drops of liquid soap in a spray bottle.

Spray the carpet area until it is completely wet. Allow the soap mixture to penetrate the extra large area rugs. Brush the carpet with a laundry brush. Be sure to brush the carpet in the direction of its nap to prevent damage. Use a strong, even brush stroke. Pay special attention to any extra dirty areas, but do not apply too much power. Remember to clean decorative edges or tassels with soapy water mixture. Spray the cleaned blanket with a garden hose until all soap is gone and the water is clear.

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