Ideas to Install Telescoping Attic Ladder

Telescoping Attic Ladder Decor

An telescoping attic ladder is one that is greatly condensed so that it can be stored in attic spaces with minimal clearance. When an attic door is opened, a telescopic ladder extends like an accordion, one step down at a time. Telescopic ladders have different appearances depending on the manufacturer. And they range from one side of steel spiral handrail to one standard. Also aluminum ladder that expands and contracts one step at a time. Some attic telescopic ladders can be controlled remotely.

Check the location of the telescoping attic ladder to make sure there is enough space to open the ladder to its full extent and that the attic area has enough space for the head to enter. Check that there are no electrical and plumbing components that may be in your way. If you need to cut a beam to install the ladder, contact a licensed contractor or structural engineer to ensure that the installation of the ladder does not compromise the structural integrity of your roofing system. In general, you can fit the ladder between the beams.

Check the direction of the beams in your location and plan so that the opening is parallel to them. Drive two nails through the attic ceiling directly along a beam. This beam will be one of the long sides of the opening frame. Align the template that comes with the telescoping attic ladder with the nails from the ceiling down. Draw the template on the ceiling. If you did not receive a template. Then, measure for opening and using a square to outline for trimming.

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