Ideas to Make Pink Fluffy Rug

Love Pink Fluffy Rug

Pink fluffy rug – Every house needs a carpet somewhere. To add a bit of class to your glazed terrace carpets are useful to bring your decor rooms together. The best thing you can do is carpet band yourself. The cost is minimal and you will know that nobody else has the same becaue rug that created this piece of art. The addition of a piece of your own talent to your home will make you feel good. Here is how to make a rug.

Make pink fluffy rug, Dig around your house and find old material, old clothes, sheets or tablecloths will do. Cut 1/2 inch wide strips through the fabric. With the rights together stitch strips of the same color together about 1/2 inch from the ends to one long strip of each color. Roll the strips into a ball. Use your crochet needle and a 16-point fabric strip chain loosely, you will make a long 8-inch chain. chain, in a unique way until it is at least 8 inches in length.

Make pink fluffy rug, row 1 of single chain on the second chain from the hook. Mark the row with a hook pin on the right side of the work Row 2 of chain 1 and turn. Single chain in each stich through. Repeat this process until you have formed an 8-inch square. At the end of the square finish. In each square that starts, mark the right side with a safety pin. Make twelve squares measure the first against each of the others to make sure they are all the same size.

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