Installing Wooden Garden Gates

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Wooden garden gates – Fences provide privacy, protect your yard from intruders, and contain your children and pets. You can choose any fence and door design. Just search through books and magazines and find the ones you like. After your land is surveyed and your fence is finished, it is time to install your door. Take the time to install it so that it turns correctly and does not sink – and counting on the help of a friend is not a bad idea either.

Determine the location where you want your wooden garden gates to be before installing your fence. Mark this location on the ground so you do not put fences in that area. Find your door where it is convenient for you to open and use.

Installing wooden garden gates, dig your post holes with a post hole seeder or auger. Your holes should be 36 to 42 inches deep and 6 inches wider than the messages themselves. For areas that freeze in the winter, use a 42-inch hole. You do not want your message to move when the ground freezes, so make sure your messages are at least 3 feet longer than the height of your fence. Door posts should be digged a little deeper than the rest of the fence posts in order to support the swinging door.

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