Interior Tumblr Room Decor Ideas

Light Tumblr Room Decor Ideas

Tumblr room decor ideas – A home is an expression of the people who live there. And each room has unique elements that can be utilized to help with this. Many people simply paint the walls a neutral shade, but creatively used color and wall decor can help you achieve a striking style.

Color and wallpaper

The first thing to consider is color or wallpaper. There are several ways to approach this foundation. You can choose color only, only tumblr room decor ideas or a combination of both. Paint can be a lot more than just covering walls with a color. Explore dramatic colors. Keep in mind that if you paint over light walls with a darker dramatic color, you will probably need several layers of paint to do the job. Conversely, painting over a darker color will also require multiple layers.

When you have a base coat, consider using fungus technology. Visual structure color can appear and act similar to wallpaper; some wallpaper techniques can be applied by blending texture and textured areas of color. Background is a traditional wall treatment. Tumblr room decor ideas, patterns and textures offer a variety of decorative options, from a traditional floral pattern to a modern abstract image. But the most creative possibilities combine wallpaper and color in a room. Using a wainscoting technique, you can cover half of a wall with wallpaper and half with color. Some people paint the upper half and paper the bottom.

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