Intriguing Design Ideas for DIY File Cabinet

Diy Corner Desk With File Cabinets

DIY File Cabinet – Metal storage cabinets are often heavy and impractical, but old ones () can be used properly. By using it as part of a contemporary design strategy, you can renew and transform the old vault into a unique and innovative storage solution.

For some great DIY ideas using metal diy file cabinet that you can do, continue reading. You can immediately give your metal storage cabinet an updated and fresh look with metal or automatic paint. The appeal of car paint is that it is designed for use on metals and comes in a variety of colors. You can detect it with a stencil or geometric pattern or simply with a solid, fresh, new color that matches your design strategy.

Before you begin to apply paint, clean the cupboard with soft soap and a mixture of water to clean dirt or oil that can prevent paint from sticking to the metal. After the cabinet is dry, remove or close the handle to avoid painting it. Now, you are ready to paint. Apply even a layer in a downward motion and let the paint dry out between layers. Ideally, you want to apply at least three layers to get professional gloss and touch. Old diy file cabinet usually boasts an inner drawer that is at least 12 inches, if not more. And, because of LPs (remember that?) Usually around 12 inches with their sleeves, they will fit perfectly inside.

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