Romantic Large Entryway Chandelier

Classic Large Entryway Chandelier

Do you like large entryway chandelier?  Few would dare to answer this question negatively. Good, nice and cheap, the truth is that they look good in any corner. From the bedroom to the bathroom, giving a warm and romantic point to the environment when they are on. We are fans of the candles when it comes to decorating. And bringing that “touch of grace” to the final styling of an interior design project. And although they can go perfectly alone on a plate or a tray. In this post we want to pay homage to its container: the chandelier. The word candelabrum comes from the Latin candelabrum (medium, instrument or stand for candles) and in fact in many languages ​​the word candle derives also from there.

Therefore, candle and candlestick are inseparably unite. We do not know if by Latin or other associations, the truth is that when we speak of candelabra the first image that comes to mind is either those classic. And also palatial environments of the fifteenth century, decorating long tables of posting. Or well what is worse, horror movies, those in which the light goes out. And you have to go candelabrum in hand and dim light discovering where the murderer is …

However, nothing further from the reality: Today the design has also reached the large entryway chandelier . And we can find very modern, original, ecological or fun pieces for all tastes and styles. When we decide to use a candlestick to decorate an environment. It becomes the decorative focus, leaving the candle in the background. That is to say, in these cases the candle is usually white and simple . Without adornments accessories to not steal protagonism to the true decorative object: its support.

That said, the word candelabrum implies in itself a support for several candles (since if it only support one would be call with “candles “). Which implies that it usually has several arms to accommodate at least 3. However, can make a modern reinterpretation of the concept by joining several single candle holders into a group of several. So that the whole is perceived as a candlestick rather than as loose candles. What’s more, in these times of fusion of styles you can also dare to put different candlesticks. With a homogeneous point between them and place them together. It will also create that effect. Anyway, if you like to decorate with candles sure that the large entryway chandelier end up enchanting you. Do you want to see examples?

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