Decorating Ideas with the Long Hallway Table

What Do You Call a Long Hallway Table

Long Hallway Table – The hallway is a passing stay but that does not mean that we cannot decorate it. And give it our personal touch. Decorating a narrow aisle is easier than you can imagine. You just have to know how to place each of the decorative elements you like. The long narrow corridors, and often dark ones, is one of the most problematic decoration issues to solve in a home. Here are some ideas for dressing the hall: put a mirror, put a carpet or some decorative furniture.

But, for the first, you have to pay attention about paint the walls to decorate a hallway. The color of the walls is basic in the decoration of the corridors. And you can opt for that palette that fits better with the rest of the house. The most correct for these cases is the color white. But you can use clear, neutral. And in this case, if you combine them, that are not more than two. It should be avoided, as far as possible, the use of strong colors. Because it will not fit with any wooden long hallway table.

The use of light colors to make great the corridors. Otherwise, the cream tones convey tranquility and the dark color of the floor seats the spaces. The cream colors are very bright and if you choose two shades. Use the darkest one for the bottom of the wall, thus the corridor will appear wider.In case that its width measures more than 1 meter, a good resource to place at a half height of wall a painted base in the lighter color. And leave the darker color for the top of the wall. The base does not have to be wood, it can be of paint and separate both parts with a wooden batten.Which is more economical also suit for the wooden long hallway table.

Few decorative elements will serve to make a hallway look different and look better. Place a table at the end of the hall and put in it a nice vase with flowers or some figure you like. Another good idea is to place vertical prints to hide the width of the space. The mirrors always give amplitude to the space reason why it is a magnificent piece to decorate a hall. Do not overload the walls, it is best to choose light shades to paint them and add a touch of color with your favorite art pieces or some photographs of the family. Lighting is very important since the aisles are closed spaces, without windows and in low light. Place a lamp that illuminates the whole area and accompany it with walls in light tones to make it look brighter. If you like carpets, do not hesitate to place one in the hallway. It will make the long hallway table much more welcoming.

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