Look Elegant Black and Grey Rugs

Gray 5x8 Area Rugs

The black and grey rugs color in decoration, as in fashion, is and has always been a safe bet. It transmits elegance, formality and sobriety. It is distinguished and mysterious and, in addition, it combines perfectly with any color. However, if we abuse it in interior decoration, we can achieve a completely opposite effect and completely “turn off” the brightness of any space. Like everything, you have to use it in its proper measure.

If you combine a black and grey rugs wool carpet, both smooth and with some pattern, with a white leather sofa, you will get a minimalist look that is, without doubt, one of the latest trends in decoration. Place black leather or padded effect headboard with a long-haired black carpet on each side of the bed. You can choose colored bedding such as beige or gray and some gold detail to give a truly elegant touch.

Choose black and grey rugs with a good anti-slip base to give a daring look to your bathroom. It will look great in bathrooms with tile floor or tiles in gray tones. If you also add a set of towels and other accessories such as a soap dish, a mirror or a shelf in the same color as the carpet, the result will be shocking.

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